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Let's add some scrapes to this zombie princess!

A little paint goes a long way! Even almost dry paint!

A pottery decorating tip: the rule of thirds

Here is a quick little idea to try the next time you find yourself looking down at your plate and saying, "Why doesn't it look right." It also gives you a peek at one of the many patterns we have available for tracing and filling in! It's okay to pick a pattern! Don't be shy about asking! See you soon!

Memory keeping demo with Perfect Days card pack

Taking a break from pottery painting to demonstrate a pocket page layout for you. I am using Stampin' Up!'s Memories & More collection of items along with the Number of Years stamp set. I had never been a scrapbooker before because it seemed like developing a layout took forever. Now that there are pocket pages and themed card collections, it is very easy and fun to do. See for yourself! Are you a scrapbooker or want to learn more about pocket page memory keeping? Stay tuned for upcoming classes and scrap-a-thons at Clayground of Worcester!