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Why new CZTs for hire should use printable business cards

Since my new business of offering Zentangle classes is evolving every day, I want to make promotional choices that are easy to change while being still being cost effective. So you can see why I really like Avery 5871 printable business cards these days. My latest card reprint was edited to summarize all of the latest means through which I can be contacted. I've been in graphic design and print production for a long time and the new perforation free cards Avery offers are really very good quality and can keep you looking professional as any information changes.


  1. the great thing is they're printable on both sides ... have you considered sizing a ZIA to print on the flip side of your business cards? you can format it to print the same design on each or a different design on each...or you can simply print an 8x11 ZIA on the flip side and have an edge-to-edge design on each card that will be similar to an ensemble. how much fun is that?!?!?!


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