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Zentangle 21: Rick's Paradox, Betweed

Also used Printemps, Bales, and Onamato


  1. Wow, look at that! Beautiful Aimee! I love that Paradox and Betweed and you shaded it so well. Adore the Onamato border on the one side. Today I am practicing my Mooka! It was really a challenge the first few times, but I'm loving what I've come up with today! (I get into Providence on the afternoon of the 8th of November, just to try and get over any jet lag! I'd love to meet up then you can tell me how your Certification went. Maybe on the 9th?).

  2. A wonderful tile, Aimee! I just watched R&M's YouTube video on Betweed yesterday and am dying to try it! Perhaps I'll have time tonight ... Jan Brandt, CZT #12, Reno, NV


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