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Where is Inkerbelle?

Hi, readers. It has definitely been a long time between posts and I apologise. There are blogs I visit daily, forget hourly, yet mine has remained blank for over two months.

Since then, I have been coping with the passing of my uncle/godfather, adjusting to additional duties at my workplace, doing some soul searching, and trying to lose a few pounds lol.

On the artistic side, I recently discovered Zentangle, and have thrown myself into it with all my heart and soul. Only problem is.... I'm afraid to post my tangles! It was different with stamps, but now I truly consider myself and artist in recovery (it was my summa cum laude major in college!!!) with a lot to show but still scared to show it.

Anyway, I truly appreciate your time to read and review and hope you will continue to subscribe. I still retain a love for Lawn Fawn stamps, and if I ever sell a Zentangle, you can bet I'll be throwing that into the LF stamp kitty!