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Looking for a bird- or animal-themed card swap to join

I tried to coordinate a bird-themed swap on the Stampin' Connection but there were no nibbles. (oh well :) If there is a Stampin' Up swap theme like this out there somewhere that needs a space filled, let me know. I try to make cards that have at least one critter in them.

I was hoping for a swap that was not stamp set (or punch) specific. I can understand why most people want to be set specific as it is the most fun way to make a varied set sampler.  I do this for fun so I thought I'd throw it out there anyway. I usually keep my cards really simple to show that stamping is not hard to do, but I can get really serious and fancy when the opportunity calls.

Check out my Tags on the right here if you are doing a set/punch specific swap. I name all the sets and punches I've used here.